Why Your Clients Need a Qualified Property Advisor

Are you a broker or financial planner looking to provide exceptional value to your clients? How many times have you heard from your clients that they wish knew how to start investing in property? Or it might be that their gut is telling them it's time to level up their plan to grow wealth but they don't know where to turn. And as most brokers and financial planners understand while property often plays a critical role in both short, medium and long term wealth creation - it's also a space that's riddled with challenges, sometimes misinformation, predatory charging for the most basic of services (or worse, all those extra charges that are unnecessary for your client) and support that treats them like a transaction, not a person. Aligning with someone with the right skills, solid experience and integrity to help your clients win is paramount.

Imagine being able to offer them the chance to pay less tax, build wealth faster, and enjoy a seamless property investment journey.

In today's ever-evolving financial landscape, smart investments are key to financial success. However, the path to wise property investments can be fraught with challenges and costly mistakes. That's where a qualified property advisor like Tony Harrington comes in.

Tony brings over four decades of experience in building and property to the table. He's not just a property advisor; he's a seasoned strategist who has orchestrated over $125 million in property transactions. With a coaching career that began in 2011 and three published books under his belt, Tony is a trusted expert in the field.

But what sets Tony and Your Property Advisor apart is our commitment to helping your clients achieve financial success through property investment. We offer fully researched off-market investment properties, providing your clients with exclusive opportunities they won't find anywhere else.

The Four Simple Steps to Investment Success

While there are many complicated referral models around, working with Your Property Advisor is a straightforward process that leads to impressive outcomes for your clients. Here's how it works:

1. Refer Your Clients to Tony:

As a broker or financial planner, you know your clients' financial goals better than anyone. When you refer them to Tony, you're taking the first step toward securing their financial future. Many clients and small businesses are time poor - the process of introducing your clients who have a need or interest in property is seamless and carries no obligation to you or them. It's simply an opportunity for Tony to undertake some discovery on how he can best contribute to building their wealth; knowing that you have effectively vetted the clients before you create the referral. It's the beginning of a win-win-win relationship.

2. Tony Discusses Suitable Property Options:

Tony will have a conversation with your clients to understand their unique needs and objectives. Based on this discussion, he'll present them with property options that align perfectly with their goals. Tony has long been an advocate of ensuring each client has a personalised assessment of their goals, their true current financial situation, their appetite for different types of strategies. We never apply a one-size fits all model to property investment. Some other advisors will push you towards a mass produced ‘opportunity’. We don't apply this cookie-cutter approach. Extensive assessment and research is done for every client; ensuring they have the exact right path to hitting your goals.

3. Tony Researches and Finds the Right Property Solution:

Behind the scenes, Tony will use his expertise and extensive industry connections to research and identify the ideal property investment opportunities for your clients. The average person, your client undoubtedly will not have access to the rich data that's required to truly understand the market. Not only could they spend 12 months trying to chip away at the research, they'll be using 'retail' data that talks to immediate statistics of the market, not delving into forecasting growth of areas or types of properties. We don't want them to fall trap to buying in their own backyard because anything else it too hard and too time consuming. A comprehensive report with 2 to 3 shortlisted options is then presented to the clients. They feel involved and across everything they want to know every step of the way.

4. The Client Decides:

Armed with Tony's insights, your clients can make an informed decision about their investment. If they choose to proceed, Tony will guide them through the buying process with a hold-your-hand approach. This includes if the recommended buy is for a 12 months house and land build, Tony never leaves their side. There is no one else in the business, they are not handed over to an automated system, they are not passed onto an account manager with no knowledge of their situation. Tony remains as their key point of contact from day one and in fact will always remain available to them - answering the phone himself whenever your client calls.

What Your Clients Gain from Working with Us

When your clients engage with Your Property Advisor, they're in for a transformational experience:

- They'll appreciate you for providing a property solution that aligns with their goals.

- Your clients will pay less tax and accelerate their wealth-building journey.

- They'll save valuable time, reduce stress, and steer clear of costly investment errors.

- The entire buying experience will be seamless and supportive.

How Your Business Benefits

By partnering with Your Property Advisor, your business can thrive in several ways:

- Increase your revenue by offering additional services that add value to your clients.

- Generate extra cash flow without incurring additional costs.

- Boost client engagement and retention as you provide them with a broader range of services.

- Gain more referrals and a competitive edge in the market.

Diverse Property Options to Suit Your Clients' Needs

At Your Property Advisor, we pride ourselves on our impressive track record:

- A remarkable 95% valuation success rate.

- Over 50 years of collective experience in the property industry.

- A knack for negotiating and securing better deals for our clients.

- Qualifications as Property Investment Advisors accredited by the Property Investment Advisors Association (PIAA).

Our access to off-market properties spans Australia wide, including off-the-plan, under-construction, and completed stock. Your clients can choose from a diverse range of options, including boutique apartments, townhouses, house and land packages, and commercial real estate, with prices ranging from $395,000 to $4.5 million.

Meet Your Property Advisor: Tony Harrington

Tony Harrington is the driving force behind Your Property Advisor:

- With 42 years of experience in building and property, Tony is a true industry veteran.

- He has strategized over $125 million in property transactions.

- Tony has been coaching property investors since 2011, sharing his wealth of knowledge.

- He's also a published author, with three books that reflect his expertise in property investment.

Become Another Connector To Create More Client Success

Tony has been working with Brokers and Financial Planners for many years and enjoys partnering with people who hold the same values and approach to client care that he does. Lisa Cozzella, a veteran broker has been partnering with Tony for many years and continues to recommend the Your Property Investing advisory service to her clients looking to build a property portofolio.

Lisa has found that referring her clients to Tony has delivered amazing results for customers on the customer experience and financial outcomes. “He’s extremely efficient like me and customer focused. We operate in a service industry so the customer should always be at the forefront of any decisions we make,” she says passionately. And while ensuring her values and brand are reflected in the experience, obviously she wants to ensure a good financial future for her clients as well. 

“Sending clients to Tony has yielded excellent outcomes”, Lisa explains excitedly. “One specific success story involved a client who actually had the value of their property increase significantly - even before settlement!” she goes on to say. Lisa has witnessed many times this kind of positive outcome leaving the clients overjoyed and eager to explore further investment opportunities. “Such successes reflect positively on my service and brand, as they demonstrate the tangible benefits and financial gains that can be achieved with the guidance of trusted advisors like Tony.”

This has been the same scenario for Joe Virgona, a highly experienced financial planner from Your Money Manager who has also witnessed his referred clients having great success with Tony's support.

“Understanding that there’s an opportunity to grow wealth through investment property is one thing”, says Joe; “but knowing where to buy, what to buy, how to negotiate on spend etcetera is a different proposition!” “The approach of Your Money Manager has always been about helping clients create a clear pathway to maximise opportunities and ultimately set up a life where they give themselves best choice,” Joe reflects. But providing financial advice is a long game and Joe works with his clients over many months and years meaning trust is key; and clients have to consistently come first. Purchasing a property is one component to a plan; with education, cashflow and money management and overarching financial literacy also playing a key role in setting up clients to succeed.

“You need to partner with someone who is knowledgeable with all of these aspects, has high integrity to ensure the clients are never ripped off and always striving for the client to win” says Joe. He goes on to say “With Tony, he will often turn up his nose at proposed opportunities for his clients, which is reflection of how he does things differently and allows me to mitigate any risk for my clients that he’ll sell them any property just to get the transaction over the line.”

If you're ready to take your clients' financial wellness to new heights, Your Property Advisor is here to help. Reach out to Tony Harrington today at 0411 814 314 or via email at tony@yourpropertyinvesting.com.au to explore how we can collaborate to empower your clients and enhance your business's success.