A First Time Investor Talks About Her Ongoing Property Journey

Five years ago Kasia and her partner decided to get into the property market as a way to build wealth. After they struggled to get into the market to buy their family home, they figured out that they needed to utilise property to help build wealth instead of relying on having one family home and a sum of money from their superannuation.

Kasia, a first time property investor client of Tony's has had an excellent journey since deciding to buy an investment property. With tax strategies helping them, and excellent yield and consistency from their tenant, and a trust in building in a neighbourhood that was yet to be fully developed their property investment strategy has delivered year on year. All of this combined with excellent capital growth - both before and after the build of their house and land property - has put them in a position to start looking at growing this out even more. Kasia is another happy client who is enjoying the outcomes of great advice, excellent research, the right timing, the right location and the right price of the property recommended by Tony as part of the overarching wealth strategy he created.

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