Interview with Joe Virgona - a Financial Planner from Your Money Manager PART 1

Joe, a dedicated financial planner, shares insights into his collaborative work with Tony, highlighting the achievements they've accomplished while assisting their clients who are building up their wealth for retirement and couples from mid 20s - 50s with children who have a mortgage or rent, in the realms of financial planning and property investing.

Through their partnership, Joe and Tony have been able to guide their clients through this investing journey. They've not only offered advice but also provided the tools and strategies necessary for their clients to make informed decisions about their financial futures: In the short term, Tony ensures that he and their clients are clear of what they want so that they can make well-informed choices based on their personal financial goals. Tony helps the clients understand the importance of making their money work for them now, so that the money will provide them long term wealth; in the long term, as clients have developed financial literacy skills from Tony’s advice, they can start to focus on creating wealth through buying investment properties.

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