Potential Risks When Investing in Property

We know that most people are nervous when thinking about investing in property and any reputable advisor shouldnt shy away from the fact that there are some risk associated to becoming an investor. However, most of them are completely manageable and should not deter you from building wealth using property. Any good proprety advisor will help you face these risk head on, using tools and tactics to minise the risks, educating you on what they are to help minimise any stress related to possible risk and be a part of a thorough and robust due diligence process to play their part in helping to reduce risk as much as possible.

Many of the risks are environmental factors that are outside of your control. However, watch this video for a set of different tactics and actions that can be taken. It's also worth noting that not all property types carry the same risk with different risks for off-the-plan purchase vs. a multi tenanted purchase (as one example). Being aware of the risks, figuring out how to mitigate them as much as possible and pushing forward with an investment property is the simple yet effective 3 steps required as part of the property investor journey. Having a property advisor or a team to back you up, and offer their lived experience on how to manage or mitigate these risks will support you in progressing with confidence.

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