What To Look Out For When Buying Property Off The Plan

Over the years there's been some negative press about the option of buying off the plan. While there are always risk no matter what kind of property you buy (including those to live in, not as an investment property) - there are specifics variables to keep front of mind when it comes to buying off the plan.

One of the main risks of purchasing off plan is related to the fact that you have another key stakeholder that is a part of the equation. The developer. While many developers are fantastic with great track records across Australia, there is also the risks of their failures flowing through to your decision to purhcase or partner with them. At YPI, the CEO & founder, Tony Harrington worked in the construction industry for many many years and utilises these networks and relationships to ensure you a) partner with the right developers b) he utilises these relationships to run due diligence on the developers and their business performance such as cashflow c) he has confidence the quality of the outcome for the build are monitored every step of the way. These relationships are a key difference for an average Aussie approaching an off the plan buy on their own vs. partnering with an investment property advisor like Tony Harrington.

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